The Beauty of Blogging

Back in 2016 on a sunny day in October, I posted my first ever blog post on the internet. It was a review on an eyebrow product from Maybelline and it was one of my first makeup product as well. 

I’ve only posted it because I had the sudden urge to share my joy to the world even though I knew at that time only a handful would be able to read it. Nevertheless, I didn’t let the number of views hinder my excitement from blogging from there on out.

I felt joyous just by writing whatever came into my mind, reviewing makeup products and sharing my knowledge on HTML which I have written 3 other more posts about if you’re insterested in learning more about HTML and CSS visit my main blog.

Speaking of my main blog, I’ve recently just added a Follow button on my site! Please go check it out and follow my main blog, Halo-Haloif you haven’t yet!

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Ever since I joined twitter and started participating on a hashtag called #BloggersTribe created by @Ofaglasgowgirl I believe, I started getting recognize by other bloggers. I started making friends, interacting with fellow bloggers, I was able to discover other blogs that I never knew existed- basically it was and still a fun time to be participating in that kind of activity on Twitter. And after doing it for a few months straight, that’s when I realized the beauty of blogging and I’ve narrowed it down to three.

  • Like what I’ve said on my tweet above, “Regardless of our different race and culture, we are all connected by our passion to blog and I think it’s pretty cool that we support each other as well” And to this day I am still amazed of how we all, fellow bloggers, get together to support each other’s latest post. 
  • Behind every blogger is an artist, a writer, a story teller with passion to share their knowledge and drive to help others. 
  • Given the same situation or/and circumstances, each blogger has a different take on that said situation. We each have our own unique perspective and our own voice to tell the story.

My point is bloggers are selfless. We are selfless. We blog to share our knowledge, we blog in hopes to help others, we blog because we just simply love blogging! We don’t care if our blog isn’t monetize, although that would be great, we blog because it is our passion.

And the fact that bloggers could still find time to blog even on or during their busy schedules amazes me. It just shows that we can still find time to do the things we love.

Follow my main blog, Halo-Halo! Also follow me on twitter @danidotyes if you haven’t yet, I follow back 😊


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