Truth Behind Being A Multilingual


All my life it became a norm for me to switch my language in every chance that I get.

I am a Filipino who grew up in Japan, literate in both Tagalog and Japanese languages and I can also speak and read English. Although, English is an international language required for all of us to know, it’s still impressive for one to be literate in a language that is not their own.

I’m not only bilingual but I am also bicultural having to grow up in Japan and now I am back here again in my homeland; however, there is a downside to being bicultural. Being accustomed to a culture that is not yours.

I find myself loving Japan’s culture and its people more than my own. I am used to bowing to strangers just to greet them a good morning or a good afternoon. I am used to a much safer and less hazardous environment. I am used to polite kids and interactive classroom studies and many more.

Needless to say, I had undergone a culture shock in my own country. I was a stranger to them as they are to me. It took me 3 years to adjust to the people and the environment around me, I am much more comfortable living here now than I was before. Filipino’s are blunter compared to the Japanese people and I learned that it is okay to have a good hearty laugh inside the movie theater when you want to laugh because in Japan, or at least where I grew up in, we keep it in to ourselves so that we won’t disturb the other people in the movie theater.

I am not saying all of these to degrade my country, but I am here to tell you a story of how a language can have an impact on a person’s personality.


“Learn a new language and get a new soul”

Czech proverb


Different context and domains trigger different impressions, attitudes and behaviors (Grosjean, 2011). As I have said before Filipino’s are more blunt compared to the Japanese people, but it also depends on whom you are talking to.

Japanese people are generally polite at any aspects of their life. It is a norm for them to bow at authorities if they are in a business or to customers if they are working at a mall or a convenient store. It is a sign of respect to them and for me I think this is something that my country should work on. We Filipino show our respect to authorities and to anybody we are not familiar with by adding “po” at the end or somewhere in between our sentences.


“May nakaupo po ba dito?” (Is there someone sitting here?)

“Bababa po ako.” (I’m going down)


In Japan I have encountered people whom asked me the same thing when I was sitting on a café alone,

誰かこの席に座ってる人いますか?(dareka kono seki ni suwatteru hito imasuka? Is there someone sitting here?). And whenever I say no they would bow and say thank you when I give them a go signal to take the chair away.

I find myself doing the same thing even up until now. I bow when I greet authorities at school or my boyfriend’s parents, I bow when I say thank you and I even bow when I say sorry.

You may be thinking that it’s their mannerism that I have adapted and the language has nothing to do with me obsessively bowing to authorities. Yes, you may be right but it is because of the language itself that I adapted that particular mannerism.

If I were to grow up here in my country I wouldn’t be thinking about bowing to authorities when I say thank you or sorry. I would be more conscious on how I say it.


One thing I have also noticed about my personality when I switch language is that I tend to act and behave differently when I am talking to my Japanese friends as oppose to my Filipino friends.

I become an introvert when I am with my Japanese friends, I don’t swear and I don’t talk a lot. Maybe part of the reason why I become an introvert when it comes to them is because I lack confidence in speaking their language. However, when I am with my Filipino friends I am more outgoing and I talk a lot. I become blunter and my jokes are offensive.

We behave differently [depending on who we are talking to] and sometimes change attitude and behaviors to adapt to our surroundings.

And with that note I’m going to end my story here for now. If you want more of this please comment down below or tweet me at @danidotyes, I am active there 100% of the time.


Thank you for reading! x

3 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

3 Reasons Why You Should Start A Bullet Journal


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July 2018 Minimalist Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I’m quite excited to share with you guys an exciting thing that I did today, I posted my first ever Bullet Journaling video!

In July’s monthly overview spread I decided to do something out of the ordinary from me. I wanted to see if this set up would benefit me and my schedule for this month.

For this month I decided to do a minimalist style and mango themed since I love mangoes and the color yellow and I thought it would be nice to have some color to my July set up.

I only did four spreads for this month that I will and are actually using: 

  • Monthly Overview Spread
  • Mood Tracker
  • Guest Post Tracker
  • Brain Dump

I know that I am probably going to add some more some other time in the weeks to come, but for now I think these spreads would suffice.
I honestly would love to hear your opinion about the video I made so that I would know what I will need to improve for my next video, 

July 2018 Minimalist Bullet Journal Set Up!

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal

Having a planner can be a good thing, it can help you keep track of daily tasks and appointment, helps you manage your time and helps you increase your productivity; however, sometimes the limited space and lack of pages that actually fits your needs can be a little bit of a downer. Although that may not be a bother to some people, it would still be nice to make the best of your planner but with a bullet journal you won’t have to worry about wasting any pages.

A Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system (Bullet Journal, 2013). There are tons of things you can do with a bullet journal namely it can be your diary, mood tracker, sketchbook, to-do list and many more. It is versatile and can basically adapt to your needs. It doesn’t necessarily need to conform to the usual bullet journaling that you see on YouTube and on Pinterest where the creators really got creative with each of their pages. You can just simply add the main components of a bullet journal without having to decorate your pages. These components are topics, short sentences and bullets… Read More

The best part of bullet journaling is that you’ll only need a few things to get started: blank or dotted notebook, a pen and color pens (optional)!

The Beauty of Blogging

Back in 2016 on a sunny day in October, I posted my first ever blog post on the internet. It was a review on an eyebrow product from Maybelline and it was one of my first makeup product as well. 

I’ve only posted it because I had the sudden urge to share my joy to the world even though I knew at that time only a handful would be able to read it. Nevertheless, I didn’t let the number of views hinder my excitement from blogging from there on out.

I felt joyous just by writing whatever came into my mind, reviewing makeup products and sharing my knowledge on HTML which I have written 3 other more posts about if you’re insterested in learning more about HTML and CSS visit my main blog.

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Ever since I joined twitter and started participating on a hashtag called #BloggersTribe created by @Ofaglasgowgirl I believe, I started getting recognize by other bloggers. I started making friends, interacting with fellow bloggers, I was able to discover other blogs that I never knew existed- basically it was and still a fun time to be participating in that kind of activity on Twitter. And after doing it for a few months straight, that’s when I realized the beauty of blogging and I’ve narrowed it down to three.

  • Like what I’ve said on my tweet above, “Regardless of our different race and culture, we are all connected by our passion to blog and I think it’s pretty cool that we support each other as well” And to this day I am still amazed of how we all, fellow bloggers, get together to support each other’s latest post. 
  • Behind every blogger is an artist, a writer, a story teller with passion to share their knowledge and drive to help others. 
  • Given the same situation or/and circumstances, each blogger has a different take on that said situation. We each have our own unique perspective and our own voice to tell the story.

My point is bloggers are selfless. We are selfless. We blog to share our knowledge, we blog in hopes to help others, we blog because we just simply love blogging! We don’t care if our blog isn’t monetize, although that would be great, we blog because it is our passion.

And the fact that bloggers could still find time to blog even on or during their busy schedules amazes me. It just shows that we can still find time to do the things we love.

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AZTEC SECRET Indian Healing Clay

Hey guys!

It has been a really long time since I’ve last posted on this blog. I know I posted a life update [blog] post just about a few days ago but today is business and with that said I am bringing you a review on a product that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for so long- that is the Health & Beauty: AZTEC SECRET Indian Healing Clay.

This clay mask is said to be the “world’s most powerful facial”, deep pore cleansing with 100% natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. I bought this at Healthy Options for PHP 525 (approximately $10) and this has 1 lb of Calcium Bentonite powder. As a student who still lives under the roof of my parents, PHP 525 is quite out of my price range but I have no regrets in buying this because it is said and I’ve got a feeling that this would last me for months or years even. One scoop of this powder is already enough to cover my whole face plus my neck. Before I get into further details about this product let me just brief you about my skin type first so that you guys could have an idea what we’re dealing with here… Read More

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HTML Made Easy


Hey guys!

I’ve started my 2018 with a topic that I am quite knowledgeable on, Basic HTML Codes Every Blogger Should Know, with that I have decided to blog about programming for the rest of this month to spread knowledge to those who wants to learn HTML and CSS but in an easy way and easy to understand lingo.

This week I am going to introduce to you what an HTML is, what it does, and its importance to your blog or website so without further ado, let’s get into it!